Episode 20: The best facial treatments for radiant skin!

Episode 20: The best facial treatments for radiant skin!

On this episode, Lindsay shares her favorite face treatments… from facials to intense facial treatments like IPL, PRP and microneedling to injectables like Botox, filler and Sculptra!

Lindsay shares the 3 people that she goes to - if you are local to Southern California… this is your best of the best guide!

She also explains what each of these experts does for her, and why she is obsessed with all of them!!  (Complete ROCKSTARS at what they do PLUS awesome people in general!!)

Here they are! With contact info!

Facials:  (email now to get on wait list when office reopens)

Dawn @ Dr. Dubrows office



Chona @ Dr. Dubrows office


Injectables: Dr. Doug Mest

Pier Aesthetics

415 Pier Ave Hermosa Beach

(310) 573-8925

We are going to talk about all the facial treatments and options and ways to take care of your face.

How less is often more with injectables and what Lindsay thinks is worth the investment.  She breaks down all these treatments and what they are, what they cost, what the pain is like and what downtime to expect.

Get ready to LOL when she gets to the Botox part and lays it all out there before the comments come in… she says, "I know it's technically injecting poison and I know it’s ironic that I cringe at a non organic veggie but I live for botox, but it's true and I'm TOTALLY OK with it!!”

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