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Episode 21- For the Pros- Keep your spray tan business thriving through Covid 19

Alright pros, this one's for YOU!

How to keep your spray tanning business thriving during COVID 19.  It’s all about mindset and some creative thinking.  You know how some hairdressers are selling at home touch-up kits to their clients?  Well, we are going to do the same thing with tans! Let’s get our customers what they need to look and feel their best during this time, and they’ll love you even more when this whole thing is over.

In this episode we’re going to talk about what your customers need and how you can give it to them.  We are going to use this time to focus on making our businesses stronger now and in the future. Alright pros, let’s do this!

Lindsay covers so many great ways to grow during this time!

  • Sell quarantine kits!
  • Have a great attitude - what we look for is what we find
  • Keep in contact with your customers
  • Strengthen the structure of your business
  • Grow your social media following
  • Implement some new marketing strategies
  • Take the time to improve your technique
  • Take an online course to take it to the next level

Quarantine Kit

We are in a great, BOOMING industry and while the current situation is not what we expected and not ideal… together we can not just make it THROUGH IT… but come out BETTER because of it.

Let’s get these things going TODAY and make some great things happen!

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