Episode 24: How to tan yourself super dark

Episode 24: How to tan yourself super dark

Today on the podcast, Lindsay walks you through exactly how to give yourself a deep, dark sunless tan that looks totally natural because a super dark, just back from a two week tropical vacation tan is the BEST and who says we need to actually GO on vacation to look like we did??

A super dark, but super natural looking tan is so much easier to achieve than you think!  From home… in your own bathroom!  This episode tells you exactly how to do it! Here are some key tips Lindsay goes through in this episode:

  • Prep your skin
  • Shower, shave, scrub
  • Tan several layers
  • For extra depth, do it again the next night
  • Moisturize reallllly well
  • When it starts to come off… apply light layers to keep it even and tan or scrub off and start over


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