how to get tanned and toned arms

Episode 27: Tanned And Toned Arm‪s‬

In this episode, Lindsay shares all of her favorite hacks to get tan and toned arms!

Here are all of the best tips for toned arms shared in this episode:

  • Online fitness programs to check out
  • Wrist weights while walking or during cardio
  • Light weight workouts
  • Heavy weight workouts
  • Sneak in an arm workout before bed
Here are all the best tips for tanned arms shared in this episode:
  • How to use lotions, mousses and sprays
  • The key to blending and buffing
  • How to use barrier cream for a flawless result
  • How to blend the trickiest area

Products mentioned in this episode:

Beach Body

OBE fitness

Tracy Anderson

Tanning Mousses

Tanning Lotions

Tanning Sprays

The goal of this podcast is to inspire you to give your arms a little love and get them tanned and toned just in time for summer! 

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