how to protect your skin from the sun!

Episode 29: Sun Protection

Everything you need to know about sun protection in this episode right here!

Lindsay talks about the different types of sunscreens and the best way to apply them and when. She is also talking about other ways to cover up for sun protection and ways to make it easy to work into your everyday life so it is part of your routine and doesn’t get forgotten!  

SUMMER is finally here!! Let’s get outside and enjoy it… while protecting our skin!

Links to Lindsay’s favorites mentioned in this episode!

FAV rash guard!!

Fav beach umbrella with SPF 50

Kids SPF hats

Image SPF

By the pool kids SPF

Sunless tanner to bronze your skin before you go out in the sun, so you don’t need to lay out to get color! Here are my favs!

To check out everything sunless tanning head over to

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