how to start a side hustle with spray tanning

Episode 32: If You Hate Your Job, Start A Side Hustle

If you hate your job, start a side hustle because you have nothing to lose! And so much to gain! 

At Million Dollar Tan we love helping people start their own side hustle spray tanning businesses as a way to make money, have more freedom and often end up leaving a job that they hate to do it full time.

In this episode, Lindsay shares why she loves entrepreneurship so much and is sharing all of her best tips on starting ANY side hustle, and what to do with other people’s opinions about your new adventure. How to learn all the things you don’t know, why you can do it any age and how to envision what your life will be like when you jump in.  And that’s the first step actually, jump in then figure it all out!

Here are some main points from this episode:

  • Say it out loud, but don’t ask for opinions
  • Commit and go
  • Try things out
  • See what other peoples lives look like who have been doing something like what you want to do for awhile - do you like the way that looks?
  • Pick something thats not too complicated and not too pricey
  • Don't do it for the money - and the money will come
  • Do it for the freedom and the happiness
  • Get rid of excuses
  • Go to the school of Google and YouTube
  • Figure out what you know as you go- you don't have to know it right away

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