Episode 33: Best Summer Skincare Tips

Episode 33: Best Summer Skincare Tips

On this episode Lindsay is sharing her best summer skincare tips! Some of the tips covered in this episode:

  • Exfoliate your body & face
  • Wear SPF & reapply
  • Go easy on the foundation
  • Hydrate! Make water your best friend!
  • Hydrate your skin with body lotion
  • Get a good sunless tan going
  • Care for your dry feet
  • Pick a bright summer polish
  • Wear a hat - what kind & when
  • Take a cold shower
  • Soothe skin right away that has had too much sun
  • Repair & treat sun damage
  • Take time for self care & get facials!

Let’s all take some time to have our best skin ever this summer! We think all the tips in this podcast will help you get there!

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