how to have a flawless complexion under your mask

Episode 41: How To Have A Flawless Complexion Under Your Mask

Lindsay shares how she’s figured out how to not have a messed up makeup mask face! She uses sunless tanner just like you would use foundation- but at night. Think of sunless tanner like foundation, it evens out your skin tone like foundation- but doesn’t rub off. It works so well!  Lindsay focuses on tanning her face a bit more at night, then during the day she swaps out her foundation for a tinted moisturizer or an oxygen foundation and it helps her skin look good even after taking her mask off and putting it back on. In this episode, she’s sharing exactly how to do it using Cabana Tan Face from Million Dollar Tan!

Products mentioned:

Cabana Tan Face

Sheer Tan Glam

Oxygenetix foundation 

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