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Episode 42: How Lindsay Started Her Business

As Lindsay started to create more content about business and entrepreneurship and taking your idea and turning it into an actual business… She thought it would be fun to do a podcast all about how she started her business so long ago. What she did right and what she did wrong and what she'd do if she was starting something now.

Lindsay started Million Dollar Tan right out of college at 20 years old with not a lot of money, or real knowledge about so much of what it would take to start a business and actually keep it going.

But she did have one thing working for her - She was willing to work as hard as it took to make the business successful. Lindsay put it all out there, took big risks and wasn’t afraid to fail, just because she knew she would keep getting back up.

Everybody has a story. Today, Lindsay is going the sort of quick version of her story of how she built this business. Let’s do it! 

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