start your own spray tanning business webinar

Episode 45: Start Your Own Spray Tanning Business Webinar!

Here it is!! The audio version of Lindsay’s live webinar all about how to start your very own spray tanning business.  

Listen to this replay where Lindsay presents the industry and connects with people from around the country who are interested in starting in starting their own spray tanning business.  

Join us for this exclusive replay here.

Get the full course here!

Here are some of the topics covered in this webinar:

  • Learning how to spray tan
  • Different types of setups you can do
  • What equipment, solution and retail you need
  • What are your costs and how much you should charge
  • How to increase profits aside from spray tanning
  • Tips & advice for getting your marketing going
  • How to make customers obsessed with you
  • Why running your own business is awesome
  • How you can lean on us

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