how to love your own body!

Episode 53: Loving Our Bodies

This podcast is mostly about sunless tanning and the business behind professional spray tanning but it’s also about self care and doing the things that make us look but more importantly FEEL our best. In this episode, we’re talking about feeling our best in our bodies. And loving our bodies as they are and not beating ourselves up about how we wish they were. We’re talking about the things we can do so we love how we look, and focus on being healthy, rather than a certain weight.

Lindsay is sharing what she's learned in her own journey to love her body but also from spray tanning thousands of people wearing only their underwear. It gives you a really unique look into how we all have a different relationship with our bodies. 
Now, this is a BIG TOPIC but it’s also one that can be broken down into parts.

Some key points Lindsay covers in this episode:

  • Eat when you’re hungry
  • Eat what you feel like.
  • Lindsay explains why she doesn’t believe in diets or juice cleanses Or punishing yourself for indulging
  • Working towards a healthy relationship with food
  • You are worthy and whole each day - even if you don’t love certain parts of your body
  • Get ready for the day, it totally helps!
  • Avoid a binge/starve tendency
  • Food as fuel for the body
  • Moderation is key
  • Talk nicely to yourself about your body - especially if you have kids.

SO much good comes from loving our own bodies!  Cheers to that!

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