Episode 57: Let's Get Tan For Valentines Day

Lindsay Dickhout

Posted on March 11 2021

lets get tan for valentines day!
LOVE is in the air and it’s time to work on our Valentine’s Day TAN!
Whether you are staying in or going out… have a date or doing a movie night or meeting up with friends… looking radiant and vibrant is essential!

In this episode, we’re talking allllll about Valentine’s tans and the best way to prep your skin so you look and feel your best come Valentine’s. 

Here are a few key points Lindsay talks about:
  • Plan your tan ahead of time
  • Blend and buff over your imperfections
  • Show up confident and happy
  • Focus on having a radiant and even skin tone
  • Spend some time on self care and self love

Products mentioned in this episode:

Mitt set

Barrier Cream

Happy Valentine’s and HAPPY TANNING!

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