how to pro spray tan yourself at home

Episode 58: How To Give Yourself A Pro Spray Tan At Home!

In this episode, Lindsay shares exactly what you need to do your own spray tanning at home. How it’s easier than you think and it’s also so much fun!
There will always be room for the professional spray tanning service! But just like you can paint your own nails, sometimes you want to get it professionally done. Especially if you are listening to this right now, real time in 2021 when lots of places are closed. It’s great to be able to do it yourself.  Plus, it’s super convenient and a great money saver too. We are talking about a $300-800 investment and which one could be a good fit for you.
If you love spray tanning, you might love doing it at home. That is what this podcast is alll about! 

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Here is a video on how you can spray tan your self!
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 HAPPY SPRAY TANNING yourself at home! 

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