must have spring beauty essentials

Episode 63: Spring Beauty Essential‪s‬

This podcast is all about transitioning from winter to spring and what Lindsay thinks are the most awesome spring beauty products! You might of heard of some of these and others might be new hidden gems for you to discover. The products mentioned in this episode are some of her favorite beauty products ever,  especially for this time of year.

We are talking about exfoliating and hydrating the skin, gentle but effective face and body washes, the best products for super soft feet and heels, Lindsay's go-to supplement for healthy hair, skin and nails and tons more. It’s everything from her favorite hydrating hair serum to her favorite ever $10 eye make-up remover. Tune in to get all the info!

Here are links to Lindsay’s favorite spring beauty essentials:

CHEERS to a happy & healthy SPRING!

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