Episode 64: How to Tan on Vacation

Episode 64: How to Tan on Vacation

Arrive on vacation nice and tan, stay tan the whole time… and arrive home tan too. And, no sun needed!

Today we’re talking alllll about how to tan on vacation. How to keep your sunless tan going even through pools and sweating and adventures and all things that fade our faux glow.

It’s so easy to keep it up and feel confident and glowing throughout your vacation. In today’s episode, Lindsay is going to tell you exactly how to do it! 

Here are some key points Lindsay talks about:

Before you go:

  • Do a goooood scrub exfoliate
  • Apply a generous application of sunless tanner
  • Use the Summer Kit - it has everything you need! 
  • Take extra time on the hands and feet

While you’re there:

  • Touch-up before bed when you feel like you need it
  • Keep your skin superrrr well hydrated
  • Bring long pants and long sleeve shirt just to be extra about it
  • Take a small bottle of lotion to the pool and your Sheer Tan Glam for your face! 

Arrive home TAN without any harmful effects of the sun!  And the best part is… often times it looks more natural than an actual suntan.  It’s more even and more brown, less red.

Happy vacation and happy tanning!!

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