Episode 65. How To Sunless Tan Without Smelling

Lindsay Dickhout

Posted on July 08 2021

Episode 65. How To Sunless Tan Without Smelling

It’s one of the things people don’t loveee about sunless tanning… the smell!  Today Lindsay is sharing all her best tips for how to achieve both- love your gorgeous deep sunless tan AND not walk around smelly!  It is possible and it’s probably easier than you think!  Today we are talking about everyone’s biggest pet peeve with sunless tanning and how to avoid it.  

A few tips Lindsay shares:
-Pick the the best time to do it based on your preferences- day or night
-Shower before you apply your sunless tanner
-Pick a high quality sunless tanner
-Apply a light layer of body lotion first
-Don’t be afraid to apply your tanner generously
-Leave it on the full 8 hours
-Use a gentle body wash but really suds up!
-Dry off gently then lotion a TON
-Apply deodorant
-Spritz perfume
-Keep applying body lotion - twice a day to keep skin moisturized

A gorgeous tan is possible without the smell!!  Thanks for listening!

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