Episode 66: How To Just Start Your Sunless Tanning Business

Episode 66: How To Just Start Your Sunless Tanning Business

There is no. perfect. time. to start a business.  If you wait for everything to be perfectly aligned, likely you’ll never start!

In Lindsay's almost 20 years of helping people start and run their own spray tanning businesses… her best best tip is… just start.  Start now and figure out the details as you go.  You could spend  weeks or even months researching logistics.. but I’m telling you… we all have lots of ideas.  Actually taking action is where it’s at.  

If you have push back from people in your world, you might need to put headphones in your ears and just move.  Get a good plan going and start.  Know that your plan will change as you grow and learn anyway so don’t worry too much about laying out this elaborate plan for the next 5 years.  Just go, just move, take the first step and the rest will come.

Today Lindsay is sharing tips for just starting your spray tanning business and how to jump over those hurdles as they come your way.  We’re talking about taking the leap today and starting your own business in this super fun industry.

Here are some topics Lindsay chats about in this episode:
-Why she loves this industry
-What to do with idea killers in your world
-How to not be overwhelmed
-What you need to start
-Who will be your first clients
-Why you shouldn’t be afraid (it’s low risk)
-How to make it work for your life so it’s a success
-Don’t stop when hurdles come your way

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