Episode 67. How To Perfectly Tan Your Abs & Buns

Episode 67. How To Perfectly Tan Your Abs & Buns





Oh those abs and buns… the trickiest areas to tone but the easiest areas to tan.  Which is why they are some of Lindsay’s favorite body parts to tan both on herself and other people and it’s honestly just the best thing ever to be able to blend sunless tanner into areas and have them look more even and toned and fit and vibrant… 8 hours later.

Nothing in life happens that fast and we are here for ALL OF IT!  So today on the podcast, Lindsay is breaking down different types of sunless tanners that work best for these areas and exactly how to do it.

Here are some of the tips Lindsay goes over:

-Apply your full body tan like normal first - then go back and add more to these areas.

-Blend and buff using a tanning application mitt

-Don’t worry about applying more to these areas than the rest of the body

-Bend and move as you need to, to get into the tricky spots.

-HYDRATE your skin really well after your tanning session.

-Test out any skin inconsistencies first like scars and stretch marks.

-Show it off- life is too short to cover it up!!

Here are the products mentioned:

Body mousse:

Lotion (face version linked here - body is sold out- face works just as well on entire body!)

Application mitt set:

Summer Kit:  Mousses & application mitts and more

HAPPY TANNING (those buns & abs!)

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