Episode 26: Professionally Spray Tanning Yourself At Hom‪e‬

Episode 26: Professionally Spray Tanning Yourself At Hom‪e‬

Have you ever wondered if you can professional spray tan yourself at home? You totally can!  And that’s exactly what this podcast is all about! 

Lindsay dives into all of the most popular questions like:

  • What equipment to get?
  • What solution you need?
  • Where is the best place to spray tan yourself at home?
  • What is the clean-up like? Is it super messy? 
  • How hard is it to learn?

We’ve helped so many people over the years get their own pro spray tan set-up at home and they love it!  Some have even started a side hustle with it.  It’s fun and it’s easy and it makes you look and feel great! Tune in to start getting all the answers to your spray tan questions so you can get started spray tanning yourself at home like a pro!

If you want to deep dive and watch an entire tutorial video we filmed an entire step by step walk through of how to how to actually tan yourself at home using pro spray tanning equipment: Click Here To Watch!

To check out everything sunless tanning head over to www.milliondollartan.com

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