How to perfectly prep your skin for a sunless tan

Episode 9: How To Perfectly Prep Your Skin For A Sunless Tan

This episode is all about the PREP!  Prepping your skin for your sunless tanning session at home or for your pro spray tan session, there is so much that goes into a perfect tan and this episode is breaking down all of it! Lindsay breaks it down and makes it so easy to get your skin ready for your tan. She is sharing her tips covering:

  • How to scrub and what products to use
  • How to make sure your tan absorbs evenly
  • How often to tan and when to scrub in between sessions
Lindsay covers it all!  

Here are links to products mentioned: 

Best lotion to prep:  Aveeno body lotion

Best exfoliating scrub: Million Dollar Tan Body Buffer

Best exfoliating mitt: Buffing Buddy Exfoliating Mitt Set

Best barrier lotion: Blend Friend Barrier Cream

Even in these winter months when we don’t want a super dark tan, having glowing, radiant skin is still the BEST!

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