one month plan for how to tone legs including toned legs workout

Episode 15: One Month Plan For Toned Legs


Today, we’re talking about LEGS!  And, Lindsay is sharing her tips on how to get toned and tan legs in one month!  

All the sunless tanning and fitness tips are packed in here… just in time for the the weather to get warmer!

There are two parts to this plan: TAN and TONE 

  1. Tan your legs to give them that healthy bronze glow! The legs are such great muscles to work! 

Here is how to tone your legs:

Here is how to tan your legs:

  • Prep your skin ahead of time by exfoliating
  • Use the best sunless tanner
  • Apply until you get your ideal glow

That’s it! Using these toned legs workouts you can get toned and tan legs in just ONE MONTH!  Using these practical steps.  There’s just something about feeling strong that makes you feel good… and powerful. 

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