How to transition your skin from winter pale to spring bronze

Episode 14: Transitioning Your Skin From Winter Pale To Spring Bronze


In this episode, Lindsay walks you through how to transition your skin from winter pale to spring bronze!

Here are ten of the best tips from this episode:

  1. Pick your sunless tanner
  2. Fully prep your skin the right way 
  3. Ease into it - start out light 
  4. Get a nice base going and build on it 
  5. Tan once a week heavily or lighter twice a week
  6. Touch-up your face more often than the rest of your body
  7. Do a full body tan 2 days before an event 
  8. Use a body mitt to blend it all evenly- especially if you are starting out super super pale 
  9. Moisturize!
  10. Add a body shimmer or an after product to enhance the look of your tan- the day of events 

    Even if you’ve kept up your sunless tan a bit over the winter, it’s likely that you’ll want to do it more now that spring is almost here.  You aren’t covered head to toe anymore and you feel so much better when your skin tone is glowing and not uneven and blotchy or pale and sort of lifeless.  Even if you do a super light tan - it just makes you look and feel SO much better! 
    I love winter but I’m ready for the next season and ready to tan a little more often and get my skin ready for some spring and summer fun!  Let me know what you learned today and if you have any questions for me!  Send me a DM on instagram @lindsayscloud and comment on the post about this episode.  Until next time, my friends, happy tanning! 

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