Sunless Tanning 101

Step 1 - Prep

Body Buffer Scrub is a gently exfoliating body polish that easily removes dirt, oil and dead cells for enviably even skin. It's the perfect prep for your Million Dollar Tan, allowing the sunless tanner to absorb more easily and last longer. 

To Use: It's best to shower, shave and exfoliate before your sunless tanning session. Use Body Buffer in the shower to gently scrub your skin to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. Rinse thoroughly to ensure you are left with super clean skin. Once dry, apply a light layer of body lotion to hydrate the skin and allow for even absorption of your sunless tanner. If you have any old sunless tanner that still needs to be removed, use a damp towel to gently rub these areas. Apply another light layer of lotion to areas that you rubbed off. Your skin is now perfectly prepped for your next tanning session! 

Blend Friend works by limiting the absorption of sunless tanner in places where the skin is driest- elbows, knees, ankles, hands and feet. Blend Friend comes in a dry oil and a cream; both give the same flawless result. With just one step, you completely even out the skin and eliminate the risk of waking up with over-tanned or uneven areas.

To Use: Apply Blend Friend to your hands, feet, elbows, knees and any other dry or difficult areas to avoid over-absorbtion of tanning product. Blend friend only allows half of the tanner to absorb where it is applied. (Be sure to only apply to dry areas, not full body!) This step is absolutely key to ensure that you don't have any harsh lines or that too much tanning product doesn't develop in any one area. 

Step 2 - Tan

Made with a one-of-a-kind micro-soft sponge material, this face and body mitt set is ultra soft and makes it easy to apply any sunless tanner, even in difficult or hard to reach areas. The special stretchy fabric and unique design allow you to comfortably place your hand inside the mitt for superior control over where and how much tanner you apply.

Insert entire hand into body mitt. Apply desired amount of sunless tanner onto mitt and blend into body. Insert fingers into face mitt and apply the same way. Use your mitts to buff out any uneven areas or to get into skin folds or creases. This magical tool will help you apply your product completely evenly, without any streaks or uneven areas.

To clean: Run mitts under cold water and lay flat to dry. The mitts are durable when it comes to blending but fragile when it comes to washing. Wash your mitts gently for long lasting Blend Friends.

Mermaid Mousse is truly whipped tan perfection. It's the most luxurious tanning product we've ever created. Ultra-lightweight and easy to apply, this dazzling mousse gives a subtle instant bronze color, with a deep, gorgeous tan developing over the next few hours.

Mermaid Mousse Face is the perfect companion to our all-over whipped tanning mousse. It's also a great stand-alone beauty staple for any glamorous gal who wants a radiant, bronze complexion year-round. We've added our revolutionary new FaceFirmTM Age Defense Super Pack, clinically proven to dramatically lift, firm and tone skin.

Mermaid Mousse Extreme is a more intense, yet just as fabulous, version of our whipped tanning mousse. Still ultra-light and effortless to apply, it has an extra boost of color for those with darker skin tones or anyone wishing to be ultra-bronzed.

Mermaid Mousse Extreme Face is a deeper, richer, more intense version of our luxurious whipped face mousse. It's perfect for anyone wishing to be ultra-tanned! With over 12 added skin benefits, this super mousse will dazzle you with its unique ability to create totally radiant skin.

To Use: For a flawless, natural tan, use a tanning mitt or your hands to gently rub Mermaid Mousse into the skin. The instant bronze color will guide you while applying, letting you see exactly where you need more mousse. Let the color develop for 6-8 hours before showering, and you'll have a a rich tan that lasts for 7-10 days. If you are using your hands to apply, it's a good idea to stop mid-way through and do a thorough hand washing session. Because of the instant bronzing color and ready-to-work high-quality DHA, your hands could pick-up a little bit of color if you take your time applying. Mermaid Mousses are rich, concentrated products, and it's especially important to use lots of barrier cream to ensure the perfect finish.

Cabana Tan is the ultimate sunless tanning lotion's our signature, must-have tanning essential that will give you the to-die-for glow you've always wanted! Our famous Million Dollar Tan bronze color provides a natural, buildable tan that works with any skin tone.

Cabana Tan Face has the same gorgeous color, but in a lighter face-friendly formula that won't clog pores or cause breakouts. We've added our revolutionary new FaceFirmTM Age Defense Super Pack, clinically proven to dramatically lift, firm and tone skin.

Cabana Tan Extreme is a darker, more intense version of our famous sunless tanning lotion, Cabana Tan, and will give any skin tone an enviably rich color. It's perfect for those with a darker complexion or anyone that simply wants to be ultra-bronzed!

Cabana Tan Extreme Face is the perfect companion to Cabana Tan Extreme. This lightweight face lotion packs a punch when it comes to color and added skin benefits.

To Use: Using your hands or a tanning mitt, rub your Cabana Tan product into the skin. The lotion is white so you can see where you are applying it, but it quickly dries clear for easy use day and night. Your color will develop over the next 6-8 hours. Apply a light coat 2-3 times per week or apply a heavier coat once per week. These products are very versatile, allowing you to achieve exactly the color you want. Simply apply more generously if you would like to be ultra-tanned. All Cabana Tan lotions go on smoothly and last at least a week. If using your hands, be sure to wash your palms thoroughly when you are done applying.

Step 3 - Moisturize

Your tan will last as long as your skin takes to naturally exfoliates. So for the longest lasting and even fading tan, keep your skin well hydrated! The best way to do this is to moisturizer morning and night with a nice, thick body lotion. We love Aveeno's daily moisturizer. The more you moisturize, the longer your fabulous tan will last!