Bells and Whistles Holiday Gift Set

Bells and Whistles Holiday Gift Set

$80.00 $226.00

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Wanting to dazzle everyone with your holiday look?... well here's all the trimmings needed! Shine with our Body Buffer and Exfoliating Mitt and sparkle with Sheer Tan Glam! Apply our 4oz AND travel size Mermaid Mousse Face and Body Extreme with your favorite mitts! And as an added bonus, match your favorite foundations with our Shade Upgrade Extreme so you never have to worry about replacing your makeup in the winter!

Give the best gift this holiday... or treat yourself! We’re celebrating the holidays in a BIG way with this special gift set. It comes with an ultra cute metallic bag with tissue paper and a decorative bow. It’s the best gift, ready to give!


  • Sheer Tan Glam - $36
  • Body Buffer - $20
  • Exfoliating Mitts - $20
  • Shade Upgrade Extreme - $28
  • Mermaid Mousse Body Extreme 4oz - $32
  • Mermaid Mousse Face Extreme 4oz - $40
  • 2x Small Mitts - $16
  • Mermaid Mousse Body Extreme 1oz - $11
  • Mermaid Mousse Face Extreme 1oz - $11