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The perfect sunless tanners for your skin tone and desired tan intensity

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"Hands down the best sunless tanner I've ever used"

-Amanda L.

Mermaid Mousse


Our number #1 seller helps build a gradual, deep, tan with our long-lasting formula designed with your skin’s health and happiness in mind

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Cabana Tan

The ultimate sunless tanning lotion—it’s our signature, must-have tanning essential that will give you the to-die-for glow you’ve always wanted!

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  • Natural

    We only use the finest
    natural ingredients, such as organic aloe and jojoba oil, leaving your skin hydrated & refreshed

  • Lightweight

    Our light-as-air formulas soak into your skin instantly with hydrating botanicals that provide the nourishment your skin deserves

  • Avoid Sun Damage

    Achieve and maintain a beautiful bronzed complexion without the harmful, drying effects of the sun and surf

  • Customize Your Tan

    Our formula allows you to build your tan gradually, creating a natural, back from vacation look

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